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Esther Luttrell


Esther Luttrell’s career as writer, screenwriter, director and producer in both movie and TV covers more than 25 years and includes both MGM and CBS. She is the author of Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade, used by the Writers Guild of America as a screenwriting standard and Screen Writers Q & A. She has written 12 published novels.

She wrote and produced the feature film Lithium Springs (Ocean Group Entertainment), which was named by the Dove Foundation as one of the 10 best family films of the year, and accepted an assignment to write a screenplay based on the Book of Revelation. Prior to her move to Los Angeles, she created syndicated television programs in the Midwest where she also wrote educational films and participated in a Ph.D. grant as campus filmmaker for the University of Missouri Medical Research Center, writing, producing and directing films for their international physicians study program.

She has produced more than 40 three-day screenwriting conferences nationally, and lectures on screenwriting at universities and colleges, including the University of Missouri, St. Edwards University, Emporia State Teachers College and Emerald College.  She conducts screenwriting workshops for conferences and festivals such as the Appalachian Film Festival, Oklahoma Writers Confederation and the Missouri Writers Conference.

While at MGM, Esther was involved in the development of The Goodbye GirlBuffalo SoldierWinter Kills and was assistant to the music editor on five major films. As executive assistant to the Vice President of MGM-TV, she developed network packages.  She also served as Production Coordinator on the long-running television series CHiPs. During this same time, she was story consultant for producers and production companies that included Dick Clark Cinema Productions (they purchased her first screenplay, Rivers, and optioned two others), Hearst Entertainment, Briggle/Willig Productions and iconic producer Hal Wallis.

Esther served as Film Advisor for Brigham Young University and has gained national recognition for her contribution to the development of aspiring screenwriters.